Grant and Frank in 1967 

       Grant Kozera, the director of the group, has been playing polka music in the Frank Yankovic style since he was 7 years old.  He first met Frank at an engagement in Milwaukee in 1965.  Yankovic, known as “America’s Polka King”, the biggest record selling polka artist of the 20th century, invited Grant & his toy Guitar up on stage to sit in with the “Yanks.”  That gave him the inspiration to take accordion lessons and to pattern his music the way Frank had.  Little by little Grant progressed till he was a teenager and started playing with Frank & the Yanks on a semi-regular basis.  


Beer Barrel Polkas

       Grant and the boys have traveled with Frank Yankovic as his “Milwaukee Band” throughout the U.S.   In 1984, Frank recorded “Beer Barrel Polkas” with Grant’s band.  The recording was re-released on CD in 1998.  Although Frank passed away in 1998, Grant hopes to carry on the sound and style Frank created.  It is a “crossover” sound that appeals to many different types of people, even those who do not usually listen to polka music.  It is an “American” polka sound all its own. 

       The Brewhaus Polka Kings perform German, Slovenian and other “standard” folksongs along with the Yankovic tunes to create a unique repertoire.  Old dance band standards and novelty songs are worked in as needed to round out the musical program.  

       Following is some information about the rest of the Brewhaus "boys":  



       Doug, a.k.a. "Gus", strums the banjo and guitar.  The banjo gives the polka sound that lift and bouncy feel.  Doug has been with Grant for over 15 years.  Doug is a master mechanic as well as the only known Harley riding polka banjo player in the country.   



       Steve is the showman of the group.  He plays either accordion or “Cocktail Drum”.  Grant likes to call upon Steve to “croon” out old favorites in the style of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.  He gives the group a "Vegas" nightclub style sound.  Steve traveled to Hollywood with Frank Yankovic in 1986 when Frank won the first Grammy award for a polka artist.  It was a thrill for him to meet the big stars at all the Grammy celebrations.



        Dave plays the standup string bass for acoustic work or the “Cocktail Drum”.  The band uses a string bass when a strolling version of the group is needed.  He has been associated with Grant for many years as one of his original band members.  Dave is also the webmaster for the Brewhaus Polka Kings.  If you have any comments regarding our site, please drop us a line at:   brewhauspolkakings@yahoo.com  


       If you are looking for an acoustic sound or an amplified band for a bigger venue, 

the Brewhaus Polka Kings can custom tailor their music to your event. 


So come see the Brewhaus Polka Kings, enjoy the band, dance and have some fun with the “boys”!



Grant Kozera





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