Bubble Machine Certificate of Authenticity

Mr. Ralston

    Back in March of 2004, the Brewhaus Kings came across a unique opportunity to acquire a “wunnerful” piece of music memorabilia.  Bob Ralston, long time pianist / organist / arranger for the Lawrence Welk Show, decided to sell two authentic Welk bubble machines from his collection on E-Bay.


E Bay Listing Photo

E Bay Photo

     The Brewhaus Polka Kings were fortunate enough to have the winning bid on what appeared to be the nicer of the two machines.  Upon arrival, it became apparent that after about 30 years of storage, it needed a little TLC to get it back in shape.  The bubble machine got a general cleanup and required some repairs.  The repairs were made with the goal of keeping the machine as original as possible.  Once the machine was reassembled, with some minor adjustments, it was back in action.  


The Boiz doing a Champange Toast to the Welk Machine

A rare behind the scenes view of the bubble machine in action

The restored machine

The Brewhaus Polka Kings authentic Welk bubble machine made its public debut at the Lakefront Palm Garden on Friday, April 23, 2004.  The machine can be seen every Friday at Milwaukee’s best Fish Fry at the Lakefront Brewery Beer Hall and other select Brewhaus Polka Kings events.






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